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Outcomes-Focused Healthcare Staffing

Premier Healthcare Staffing Solutions (PHSS) is a leading healthcare staffing agency in FL, TX, NJ, NY, CA, and beyond. We improve access to talent, help control labor costs, and deliver optimal patient care. From helping home care clients age in place, providing critical nursing care in a hospital setting, and keeping your facility compliant, PHSS understands your challenges and has the experience and expertise to help you resolve them.

With PHSS, you can:

  • Quickly fill RN, LPN, CNA, and management positions
  • Streamline your hiring, screening, and vetting process
  • Keep up with variable staffing requirements
  • Access in-demand skills healthcare professionals

Positions We Staff

At PHSS, we provide the healthcare professionals you need when you need them. Here is a sampling of the types of positions we fill:

Clinical Managers

Directors of Nursing

MDS/PPS Coordinators

Risk Managers

Staff Developers

Direct Care Staff




Our Services

Our nurses and managers are available whenever you have a gap in coverage – vacations, absences, seasonal demand. Each of our associates is screened, credentialed (if required), and ready to pitch in when you need them most. 
Dependable, prescreened RNs, LPNs, CNAs, and other healthcare professionals are available on a part-time, short- and long-term basis to provide care without adding to your full-time headcount. 

Need to hire for a crucial vacancy or leadership role, PHSS can handle the legwork for you. We can advertise open positions or conduct a confidential search if you prefer, screen resumes, and interview candidates. We’ll narrow the field; check their backgrounds and references to find the best talent. You choose from only the top prospects. 

Why People Choose PHSS

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