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As a top staffing agency, Premier Healthcare Staffing Solutions matches top talent with great healthcare jobs across the United States. We are committed to building lasting partnerships and providing exceptional service to providers and facilities.

Our promise to healthcare facilities

Our team understands how important quality is to healthcare employers. Your priority is to give every patient and client the care they deserve while keeping costs down and your bottom line healthy. You can rest assured that we will never cut corners when sourcing, screening, and vetting our associates.

Our promise to healthcare providers

At PHSS, we want our providers to feel their skills and experience are valued, and their efforts and dedication are appreciated. That’s why we do our best to make the best possible match to your interests and abilities and to place you with opportunities to thrive. That’s why we offer positions in a variety of settings and shifts so you can build a healthcare career that suits your specific needs.

Our Mission

To take a customized approach to every account and strive to fully understand the business of our clients.

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Our Vision

To develop long-lasting partnerships with healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities across the country. 

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